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Block of batchers

The block of batchers is applied for precise weighing cement, water, and additives due to specified proportions and their further feeding into the concrete mixer.

  • Dismountable support rack;

  • Cement batcher for 300 kg allows to connect two mixing screws;

  • Vibrator OLI (Italy) and a special construction helps to avoid cement sticking;

  • Polypropylene water and chemicals inlet pipes;

  • Discharge butterfly valves «Omal» (Italy);

  • Ball valves «Omal» (Italy);

  • Strain-measuring system with sensors «CAS»;

  • High-performance feed-water and-chemicals pumps “Calpeda” (Italy).

Water gauge capacity (litres) 160
Chemicals gauge capacity, material – stainless steel (litres) 20
1 pc.

Two-shaft concrete mixer

 The mixer is intended for making concrete mixtures and provides for 0.5 m3 production of compressed concrete per each batch.

  • Dismountable universal armoring components made of wear-resistant material HARDOX (SSAB Oxelösund, Sweden);
  • The special construction of polyethylene shoulder blades (load decrease for the mixer drive, affordability );
  • The construction of bearing units provides for greasing during maintenance 
  • Regulating shoulder blades for wear compensation;
  • Two access ports for inspection and maintenance;
  • An emergency switch of the power circuit;
  • Equal distribution of water when feeding into the mixer;
  • Concrete unload at an emergency shutdown;
  • Joints compensating for axial offsets;
  • Worm reduction gears of enhanced reliability for each mixer axis “Mozhga reduktor” (Russia)
  • Well-protected position sensors for the discharge lock and access ports IP66.
Capacity for 30
Volume 0,75 m³/h
Power 18,5 kW
1 pc.

Control room

The control room is made using the three-chamber PVC window profiles of the Vektor system.

  • Inside dimensions 1800*1000*2050 mm;

  • Two tilt and turn watch windows;

  • The door opens outward, there is a lock with a key;

  • The floor is covered with semi-commercial floor cloth;

  • Water-proof floor dipping;

  • The roof is made of zinced tread plates;

  • Interior solid steel lighting;

  • Two double sockets on the desk of the operator;

  • Regulating the tilting angle of the operator console on the desk;

  • The keylock switch for the operator console;

  • The room soundproofing using sandwich panels.

1 pc.

Conveyor-batcher of inert materials

The conveyor-batcher is made for series weighing of two filling components (crushed stone, sand) and further discharge into the skip hoist tank. It has two silos 12 m3 each.

  • Vibrators OLI (Italy);

  • Splitters for equal pouring out inert materials on the conveyor;

  • The weighing system of inert materials based on strain sensors «CAS» with the swinging system mounting;

  • Protection against strain sensors breakup;

  • Clarifier of the conveyor belt;

  • Anti-swaying device for the conveyor belt at the start;

  • Warming devices with a collet for inert materials;

  • Silos can be loaded on two sides without an approach ramp;

  • A grid for sieving inert materials.

Drive power (kW) 7,5
Weighing capacity of the conveyor-batcher (kg) 0-1500
1 pc.

Support rack

The support rack serves as the base for the concrete plant equipment.

  • The rack can be assembled without preparing the foundation;

  • The operator's room can be placed on the rack;

  • The original construction of the rack provides for placing all the plant components (except for the silo) in one “Eighteen-wheeler”, 12 meters long;

  • Two access stairways to the upper platform;

  • The upper platform of the rack provides for free access to maintain the equipment of the concrete mixer, the skip hoist and the block of batchers.

1 pc.

Compressed air system

The compressed air system is intended to provide the work of pneumatic equipment and contains the following: 

  • Pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic tubes, pneumatic valves, air preparation units, pressure detectors, fittings «Camozzi» (Italy);

  • Disk shutters Omal (Italy) with pneumatic drives;

  • Ball valves Omal(Italy) with pneumatic drives;

  • Compressor ABAC B 5900B/270 CT 5,5 (Italy); 

  • Productivity 653litres/min;

  • Working pressure - 11 atm;

  • Motor capacity – 4 kW;

  • Receiver capacity – 270 liters.

1 pc.

Skip hoist

The skip hoist is intended for feeding inert materials from the conveyor-batcher into the concrete mixer. It does not require preparing the dry area. Any extra load on the motor reduction unit has been minimized due to the original construction of the hoist.

  • High-grade security end probes–IP66;

  • Extra control of the tank end positions;

  • Enhanced security system against cable break cutting out the tank falling;

  • A prolonged lifetime of the hoist cables;

  • The system of even lifting for the skip hoist tank;

  • The tank construction eliminates sticking of inert materials when discharging.

The capacity of the skip hoist tank for inert materials (m³) 0,75
Gear motor reduction unit with the electromagnetic brake (kW) 5,5
Tank conveying speed (m/sec) 0,4
1 pc.

Electrical equipment

The electrical equipment contains the controlling system and execution units of the concrete plant. The controlling system has the following functions:

  • Control modes: manual/automatic;

  • An operator control panel in manual mode;

  • Emergency button;

  • The user-friendly interface of the operator panel;

  • Viewing the production process;

  • Memory for 100 concrete formulas;

  • Cost record for concrete components;

  • Remains record for inert fillers and cement;

  • Calculating the total volume of produced concrete;

  • Calculating volume of concrete per batch;

  • Reporting on implemented batches of concrete production;

  • Visual inspection of the cement level at the silo (bar chart);

  • Indicating the upper and lower levels of the silo;

  • Color indication of batchers and executive units condition ;

  • The calibration system of weighing batchers;

  • Recording data and time of formula changes and reports;

  • Correcting the number of batches while performing in automatic mode;

  • Beeping to the driver of the auto concrete mixer;

  • Emergency alert and alarm;

  • Embedded manual on the concrete plant operation (Help).

  • Controller, sensor terminal 7”, extension modules and supply unit Omron (Japan).

  • Contactors, thermal relays, automatic switches, buttons «SchneiderElectric» (France);

  • Interposing relays IEK (Russia);

  • The weighing system is based on special weigh converters of high precision and strain sensors CAS (Korea);

  • Clips and connectors ABB (Switzerland);

  • Power cabinet of high-grade security IP54 IEK (Russia);

  • Solenoidal coils of pneumatic valves "Camozzi" (Italy).

1 pc.

Silo body (V=80 m³, 120 tonne)

1 pc.


The concrete plant is intended for producing concrete mixtures, building mortars, and their discharge into an auto mixer. It can be operated in an enclosed space or under a shelter at surrounding temperatures between +5ºС and +45ºС. The area or the shelter must be at least 9 meters high. The area for installing the concrete plant is required to be equipped with the three-phase current mains with the grounded neutral and it must have a load-carrying device (holding capacity over 10 ton) for assembling, maintaining and repairing.


Block of batchers 1
Two-shaft concrete mixer 1
Control room 1
Conveyor-batcher of inert materials 1
Support rack 1
Compressed air system 1
Skip hoist 1
Electrical equipment 1


Concrete mixer twin-shaft
Capability (m³/h) for 30
Enternal volume of mixer reservoir (m³) 0.75
The volume of the batch for concrete (m³) 0.5
The volume of the batch for slury (m³) 0.6
Hoppers capacity (m³) 2х12
Dosing unit's capacity (kg) 300
Water reservoir volume (l) 160
Chemical components reservoir volume (l) 20
Cement silo's capacity (tonne) от 22
The feeding way Skip hopper
Total installed capacity (kW) 38,5
Power (three-phase) (V) 380 В 50 Gz
Operating mode Automatic & manual
Length (without silo) in the opperate mode (mm) 11200
Width (without silo) in the opperate mode (mm) 3800
Height (without silo) in the opperate mode (mm) 7200
Weight (without silo) no more (kg) 18000