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Business at gas concrete: how does it work?

Why do people choose to do business producing gas concrete but not other materials? Why is construction business so attractive?

  1. Construction is forever and it guarantees future to the business.

  2. Minimal investment equal to purchasing a modern laptop.

  3. Increasing demand and in high season gas concrete manufacturers have a queue of clients for 2 months.

  4. Pay-off period is between 3 weeks and 2 months.

  5. The technology is as simple as baking bread.

There is a ready-made business plan, which has calculated the pay-off period for your investment —see now:

[download the business plan]

Gas concrete: easy to sell, easy to build

It has been the most widely used material in recent years. It is over 100 years old, everyone knows it and trusts it and can work with it.

5 more reasons of gas concrete popularity:

  • mobility: an 18 kg block is easily lifted by one person;

  • convenient processing: smooth cut, drilling, wall chasing;

  • fast brickwork: large blocks 600×200×300 mm are laid faster that bricks and are set well even for thin layers of glue;

  • rapid production: a block hardens within 24 hours;

  • fire resistance;

  • cold resistance: 100 cycles of frosting and defrosting;

  • low price since the feedstock is cheap and the production is simple.

How much can you earn at gas concrete?

We can calculate the net cost of gas concrete and you will see how large the production should be so that the profit suited you.

To produce 1 m3 of gas concrete you will need:

  • Cement ПЦ400 Д20 280 kg * 4 RU/kg = 1120 RU

  • Sand 300 kg * 0,3 RU/kg = 90 RU

  • Hot water 250 l * 0,02 RU/l = 5 RU

  • Hardening agent 4,5 kg * 20 RU/kg = 90 RU

  • Caustic soda 3 kg * 56 RU/kg = 168 RU

  • Aluminum powder 0,5 kg * 350 RU/kg = 175 RU

  • Grease 0,36 l * 50 RU/l = 18 RU

  • Electricity 5 kW * 3,5 RU/kW = 17,5 RU

  • Salaries to workers 200 RU/m3.

  • Renting the premises for 1 m3 of gas concrete 67,5 RU/m3.

Total 1951 RU

It means that 1 m3 of gas concrete costs 1 951 RU.

Now here is the profit:

  • on average to construct a two-storey house of 160 m2 one needs 51 m3 of gas concrete.

  • The profit from each cubic meter accounts for 1000 RU. The average market price for 1 m3 of gas concrete is 3 000 RU, minus the net cost of 2 000 RU (including extra expenses).

  • Only 4 of such orders per month and the equipment will pay off the investment.

  • The monthly profit accounts for 204 000 RU. During a month the equipment will bring 1000 RU from each cubic meter of gas concrete.

In order to produce 204 m3 monthly one does not need a large production. A mini-conveyor line or a stationary line can do this. Just imagine how much one can earn should they launch production at a conveyor line. It is capable of producing 200 cubic meters in two days only.

What do you need for production?

1. Premises

The area depends on the type of line and is provided in the Catalogue for each type of equipment. Other features of the workshop are to be found at Gas concrete Production Technology.

2. Equipment

Learn about equipment for each line and further equipping at Equipment for Gas concrete Production.

3. Feedstock

The complete list of components and their exact names are to be seen at Required Feedstock.

4. Personnel

The production does not require any special skills and you will see it after reading Gas concrete Production Technology. Any unskilled workers ready for manual work will manage this.

5. Production distribution

Your clients:

  1. People from your city planning to build a private house.

  2. Construction companies which cannot wait for industrial gas concrete.

  3. Constructors who need inexpensive material for their work.

How to tell them about your business?

Use low cost ways: simple leaflets and Internet adverts. You need to get one order to be recommended further. Your task is to launch production as soon as possible.

Try doing business with gas concrete. You will definitely pay off the investment and help a lot of people to get high-quality gas concrete. It is a good business and a safe investment.

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