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Equipment delivery

We deliver the equipment into any world destination and delivering to remote regions of Russia or the CIS has become a simple task.

How does the transport company work?

If you order the delivery, there may be three options:

1. By auto transport, meaning the truck.

It is the most efficient way for a large line. The delivery from Barnaul into the European part of Russia on average accounts for 50-70 000 RU.

2. The truck with package cargo in the trailing position.

It is ideal for medium lines as will save about 30-50% of delivery expenses.

3. Railway container.

Delivering a medium line via the railroad will be two times cheaper but 3-4 times longer and will take about one month.

4. Transport from the warehouse to the warehouse

It is a good option for a mini-line. Fast and efficient delivery will account for between 4 and 25 000 RU.

A specialist of “Altai StroyMash” will combine your equipment delivery with delivering opportune cargo, which will cut the delivery costs considerably.

Now you may see how far your city is from Barnaul and it will be easier to define the delivery time.

Transport companies we use:

  • Delovye Linii(Деловые Линии)

  • PEK (ПЭК)

  • Post of Russia (Почта России)


  • Another service (Другая служба)

How much is the delivery and how to pay for it?

Even before signing the contact you will be informed o the delivery cost, usually it accounts for 3-10% of the line price.

“AltaiStroyMash” issues the bill for the delivery. It will vbe convenient to pay both for the equipment and its delivery at once. Our plant then bears responsibility for the delivery.

Equipment dimensions and cargo security while transporting

The cargo will be delivered free of damage and the plant guarantees it. The package is so well-thought that each equipment detail is transported securely. Each package has a draft. You know the gross weight and cargo dimensions in advance.

A mini-line easily fits a “Gazel” van or takes 1/5 of the truck.

A stationary line is transported in a truck 5-6 meters long and 3-5 ton of cargo capacity. It takes a half or a third of a 12-meter truck if transported with the opportune cargo.

A conveyor line will take between a half of the truck and two complete trucks.

Need more details about deliveries? Write your question in the form below or call 8 (800) 100-44-54 to get an answer.

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