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AltayBuildMash Helpful Business Payment

Payment: what you pay for, how much and how

The equipment and all the services of the plant are due to payment via a cashless transfer. There are two types of contracts for this purpose: with VAT and without VAT. For private individuals, there is a separate payment form.

You choose the better type of payment, transfer the money and the plant executes its obligations under the contract: produces the equipment, delivers it and assists you in work.

Payment in installments: leasing or a loan

All operations by installments go through the bank. Like other clients of “AltaiStroyMash”, you will take out a loan or sign up for leasing at the bank. You do it on your own and we will assist and tell you what documents you need and how to present your business plans.

The bank will transfer the complete sum to the plant account and you will pay in installments in the time you prefer. We have experience in cooperation with banks and we can provide some useful advice if you plan to apply for the loan.

The line price includes:

Extra payment for:

What does the extra paid service?

1. Delivery

Should the transport company be involved, the customer will be informed on its service fee and approximate delivery time immediately.

The delivery is paid with the separate bill issued by “AltaiStroyMash”. Our company bears responsibility on the cargo delivery and guarantee it ourselves. It does not presuppose any extra charges and is necessary only for the customer convenience.

Learn more in the Delivery section.

2. Assembling

You will perfectly manage with this task or so will your workers. Each line is accompanied with a detailed manual with pictures, descriptions and even videos. Moreover, a specialist of our company will consult you and with his assistance you will be able to assemble everything even without an instruction.

3. Teaching and commissioning works

The technologist is working for you free of charge. Teaching the workers and the testing launch of production is also part of the price for a conveyor or a stationary line. These are subsequent processes therefore you will have to pay for travel expenses only once: travel and accommodation.

Should you fail to find an answer to your question on payments of “AltaiStroyMash” services, please fill in the form below or call us at 8 (800) 100-44-54.

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