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AltayBuildMash Helpful Business Stages of cooperation

Stages of cooperation with “AltaiStroyMash”

  1. File an application

  2. Select the equipment

  3. Sign a contract

  4. Launch the equipment production

  5. Make a payment

  6. Deliver

  7. Assemble the line

  8. Adjust it and learn how to work with it

  9. Launch gas concrete production

  10. Achieve profitability

Read about each stage as it will make the purchase simpler and will help to start a business with gas concrete.

File an application

First, consult the manager of “AltaiStroyMash”: call us (Contacts) or visit us and have a personal talk.

Select the equipment

The manager will take your budget into account as well as required productivity in order to select t6he equipment. You may prepare and see the equipment in the Catalogue.

Should you have any special requirements for the components or construction of the equipment, the engineers will reflect them in the design. Anyway you will get the line you need.

Sign a contract

The contract defines the terms of cooperation including the equipment warranty. You will have time to study the contract and the manager will be able to answer any questions of yours even should you need to discuss each paragraph.

Launch the equipment production

The order goes to production. If the line is available ready-made, it is sent to the packaging area and further to delivery department. At this stage you know when the equipment is going to be delivered.

Make a payment

There are several options and the manager will consult you on them. He will also consult you on how to get a loan and will help to make a financial plan for the bank. Read details in the Payment section.


It is our work to choose the way to deliver. Before the equipment is ready you will learn the way and price for delivery. On the shipping date you will be informed about the exact date of delivery.

Should it be more convenient for you to take the equipment yourself by car you will be informed in advance about the dimensions of the packed line and we will assist you with lifting. Read details in the Delivery section.

The plant bears full responsibility for transporting. We sign the contract with the Carrier so that you can have only one contractor: “AltaiStroyMash”. This way it will be easier to monitor your cargo: at any stage one and the same manager will inform you.

Assemble the line

The company does not provide the assembling services since the construction is so simple that you will need no assistance.

Together with the equipment you will receive a detailed assembling manual with descriptions, pictures and a video-guide. Should you need any assistance, your manager will consult you via Skype or on the phone. The assembling is simple as the line has been designed according to the size of your premises. The plan denotes where each element of the line should be located.

How long does assembling take?

  • For the mini-line, it is about 3-7 days.

  • For the stationary line, it is about 5-12 days.

  • For the conveyor line, it is about 10-25 days.

While assembling the equipment you can consult the engineer or the technologist as long as you need it.

Adjust it and learn how to work with it

As soon as the line assembly is complete our technologist will visit you. his task is to select the formula for the feedstock, teach the personnel how to work with the equipment and perform a testing launch.

You have already understood that gas concrete production is a simple process. You learn a lot from guiding videos and instructions of your manager. Therefore, you may not need the technologist to visit you. if the line launch was a success the production can start on a permanent basis.

Launch gas concrete production

You start your own production and receive the first profit. Your manager will assist you and will send you the materials on arranging sales and will consult you on what is going to be effective for you.

Achieve profitability

You work with the equipment and use it to the full capacity. In 2-3 months your production will pay off and will bring profit. Your manager also aims at such a result.

In order to picture your future production better, download the business plan. It has calculations for a certain line and it will make a lot of things clear.

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