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Aerocrete production stationary line, capacity from 20 m3

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Mold sides (2,4×0,6×0,3 m for 12 gas-concrete blocks (set)

The sides of the slip mold at the conveyor are made with high-precision laser slitting and provide for specific impermeability when assembled.  With this set of sides, the mold can get ready for filling in 2-3  minutes after the finished products are removed from the mold base. The set provides for filling 12 blocks of standard dimensions 20х30х60 cm.

Big side (m) 2517×4,6×31
Small side (m) 733×4,4×31
Mass (kg) 54
12 pc.


The penetrometer (plastomer) defines the plastic strength of the gas-concrete mass and if it is ready for slitting. Its basic principle lies in the property of the concrete mixture to withstand the cone penetration.

1 pc.

Moveable mixer-activator (0,43 m³)

 The mixer is intended to prepare the gas-concrete mixture, with a consistency of 400 - 800 kg/m3 out of cement, sand and water followed by pouring it into molds (to produce blocks).

The mixer can be operated stationary in a workshop under moderate temperature conditions due to GOST 15150-69 and cannot be operated at construction sites.

Volome (L) 400
Capacity per hour up to (m3) 5
Power (kW) 4
Dimensions/Length (mm) 1644
Dimensions/width (mm) 1023
Dimensions/heigth (mm) 2050
Power of electric motor for moving (kW) 0,55
1 pc.

Mold bases (2,4×0,6×0,6 m for 24 gas-concrete blocks) with the metal bottom

Mobile mold bases of the conveyor provide for a highly practical mode of production since the major hubs are located stationary: the mixing unit, the slitting unit or the warming chamber.

Number of reservoirs 1
Reservoir's volume 0,43 m3
Dimensions/Length 2464 mm
Dimensions/Width 684 мм
24 pc.

Rail track for movable mixer

24 pc.

Sieve for pouring mixture into the mold

The sieve is applied to prevent the grease on the sides from being washed off at pouring the gas concrete mixture into the mold. It also prevents coarse fractions contained in sand from getting into the mold

Dimensions/Length 650 mm
Dimensions /Width 680 mm
Dimensions /Height 315 mm
Mesh cell size 5*5 mm
1 pc.

Scraper blade for cutting the top crust

The scraper blade makes the top of the blocks more even and better-looking for the customer. It cuts the top crust neatly and the workroom will be clean.

Dimensions/Length 453 mm
Dimensions /Width 790 mm
Dimensions /Height 148 mm
1 pc.

Suspension mixer

The suspension mixer is necessary to prepare the gasifier which is usually aluminum powder. It is attached to the support rack of the block of dosing units or the skip hoist.

Operating size of the mixer 5,5 l
Total capacity 0,38 kW
Dimensions/Length 258 mm
Dimensions /Width 210 mm
Dimensions /Height 450 mm
1 pc.

The cutting pattern with a gang of saws of the stationary line

The pattern with saws is intended to cut the gas-concrete mass into separate blocks. The standard interval for cutting the mass accounts for 100 mm, therefore it is possible to make standard blocks of 200*300*600 mm or special size to meet the customers’ needs. The gang of saws contains the blade for cutting the mass into blocks and the string to cut the top crust.

Dimensions/length (mm) 2590
Dimensions /width 718
Dimensions /height 400
1 pc.


A stationary type aerocrete production plant with capacity for 20 m³ per day, in case the work of the line in 2 shifts. Also, you have an opportunity to increase the quantity of producing blocks by the increasing number of the moulds. In case of full modernization of the plant its capacity would be increased for 30 m³ of aerocrete blocks per day.


Mold sides (2,4×0,6×0,3 m for 12 gas-concrete blocks (set) 12
Penetrometer 1
Moveable mixer-activator (0,43 m³) 1
Mold bases (2,4×0,6×0,6 m for 24 gas-concrete blocks) with the metal bottom 24
Rail track for movable mixer 24
Sieve for pouring mixture into the mold 1
Scraper blade for cutting the top crust 1
Suspension mixer 1
The cutting pattern with a gang of saws of the stationary line 1


Necessary room space least 192 m²
Size 20x8 m
Energy consumption 4 kW
Necessary water temperature 50-60 °С
Necessary room temperature least 15 °С