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AltayBuildMash Equipment ⌀ 3,5m (36-120 tonne) Bolted silo 98 tonne

Силос разборный, 98 тонн

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Silo body (V=66 m³, 98 tonne) 1


Maximum capacity 98  t
Height 10930  mm
Injection Pipe Diameter 100  mm
Silo cylinder diameter 3470  mm
Weight 4940  kg
Silo capacity 66 m³
Wall thickness 4  mm

Silo body (V=66 m³, 98 tonne)

1 pc.

Vibrator Oli (Italy)

1 pc.

Installed on the silo cone it is used to simplify unloading, transporting and sieving. Together with the aeration system it makes up the system of bridge breaking.

Flag level sensor ILT С

2 pc.

220 VAC current. Level sensors ILТare meant to indicate the maximum or minimum level of the material in the container, bunker or silo tank using rotational motion. It is applied in storage tanks with sand, cement, flour or corn.

Spray nozzle U025

8 pc.

Aerating spray nozzles U025 are applied for aerating the cement in the lower silo cone or another container. The air supplied by it makes the powder plastic and it easily flows into the vent.

Butterfly valve V2FS300SN

1 pc.

Butterfly dampers VFS are most widely used dampers applied to cut off the flow in silo tanks with cement, sand, corn and other bulk materials.

Pressure dump valve VCP

1 pc.

The safety spring-loaded pressure dump valve VCP is applied to regulate the internal environment of the silo tank in emergencies. It is a reliable protective means under excessive or insufficient internal pressure, providing for equipment safety. It is perfect if the valve is never required to be used. However, it must be there in order to provide for efficient and reliable work.

Compressor ABAC B5900B/100 CT5,5

1 pc.

Line ABAC is equipped with highly-reliable components and has been tested in operation. The equipment is both durable, user-friendly and as easy-to-handle as one may expect to operate such a productive machine. Compressors provide for increased circulation rate under higher operating pressure.

Silo tank filter SilotopZero

1 pc.

Gas shock absorbers for easier lid opening, the practical operation of the air dispenser built-in the lid. The filtering surface area is 14 m²

  1. Diameter 800 mm

  2. Air-blow cleaning

  3. Performance 1500 m³/hour

  4. Saving cement at pumping under 5%, highly-efficient air nozzles

  5. Fast and easy filter change

  6. Air sampling system

Silo tank control panel

1 pc.

It allows to control and reflect the current state of the silo tank equipment:

  • Operating the cement mixing screw;
  • Operating the electrical vibrator and the aeration system;
  • Indicating lamps of lower, adequate and higher cement levels.

It contains the air compressing blocks with pressure gages for filtering cement and the aeration system;

It is possible to control the silo tank equipment externally, for instance, from the control panel of the concrete plant.


Silo 98 tonnes is equipped with Italian fittings: the silo filter  Silotop Zero and the pressure release valve (WAM, Italy). Modern aeration system aerates inside the silo, thus cement does not stagnate at the bottom and the cement level sensors define the cement level in the silo.

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