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Crane boom for the fork lifter

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Pitchfork. Maximum size in cross section 150х55 mm
Height 421 mm
Maximum boom output 900 mm
Boom exit. Step 300 mm
Maximum load capacity 1000 kg
Length 1492 mm
Own weight 80 kg
Maximum boom angle 17,4 ⁰
Boom angle. Step 5,8 ⁰
Width 404,5 mm


The majority of enterprises are widely using the fork lifter as it allows implementing almost all general duties promptly via changing various extensions. One type of such detachable equipment is the crane extension for the fork lifter.

The overhead crane has a number of advantages:

  • Versatility. It is applicable for removing, loading\discharging bulky cargos, transporting cargo on cords, for hard-to-reach cargos which cannot be lifted with the fork of the lifter;

  • Low operating costs. The equipment implements a much larger number of tasks compared to the expenses for its maintenance. The functions of the main machine can be extended at a reasonable price. It provides for time-saving in implementing tasks and reduced amount of manual labor;

  • Mobility. The equipment can be used at various sites as it takes only 5 minutes to install. It is applicable in outdoor areas, for working inside production areas, car services etc.

  • It does not require high level of professionalism as one operator can easily assemble or disassemble the machine. The gaff position is mechanically adjusted and it can be also adjusted with the telescopic system of the lift arm.

The crane for the fork lifter is manufactured from high-quality steel and its lifting power accounts for 1000 kg. The quality control department of “AltaiStroymash” company carries out the tests of the products at all stages of production and presales training. It provides for the two-year warranty and guarantee over 7 years of operation.

In order to purchase the crane for the fork lifter you may just call or write to us. We work with customers in Russia and Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kirgizia and many other countries.

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