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AltayBuildMash Equipment Attached implements Grader blade

Rotatable grader blade for the fork lifter

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Pitchfork. Maximum size in cross section 150х60 mm
Height without side plate 802 mm
Height with side plate 810 mm
Length without side plate 1557 mm
Length with side plate 1665 mm
Own weight without side plate 158 kg
Own weight with side plate 175 kg
Angle of rotation. Angle adjustment ±24 ⁰
Angle of rotation. Step 8 ⁰
Width without side plate 1500 mm
Width with side plate 1536 mm


The rotating mechanical blade is one of the most popular extension for the fork lifter. It is used both in winter to clean the area from snow and in summer, in agriculture and in municipal services to remove and spread rocky soil, crushed rock, sand, soil, to fill trenches and clean the area from rubbish.

Owing to its peculiar design and ideal dimensions (the operating width is 1.5 m, adjusting the tilting angle is ±24 degrees), it is efficient in straight, wide and narrow street areas.

Detachable blade edges are set along the low side of the mechanical blade:

  • blades made of wear resistant steel — to work with ice and solid snow;

  • rubber blades — to prevent damaging the road surface.

Besides, the blade has a side plate which can change its position considering the necessary direction for the material flow (e.g. turning snow to one side).

The snow blade is the most popular snow-cleaning appliance. It takes only 5 minutes to assemble or disassemble, though due to its functionality and productivity, it replaces a number of machines.

We manufacture blades made of high-quality steel and apply special paint to it which provides for smooth working surface and when in use, snow never sticks to the blade or in front of it and, correspondingly, smaller masses of snow have to be removed.

In order to purchase the rotating blade you may just call us. We arrange deliveries both in Russia and worldwide: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kirgizia, Moldavia, Belorussia, Tadzhikistan or other countries.

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