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AltayBuildMash Equipment Attached implements Grader bucket

The self-unloading grader bucket for the fork lifter

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A self-dumping scoop considerably expands the functions of the fork lifter and provides for handling operations at either outdoor sites or at inside mainlines of large industrial enterprises.

Applying the scoop enlarges the functionality of the special-purpose machines due to:

  • overstability;

  • fast and reliable assembling;

  • operating convenience (it is operated from the loader cabin).

The scoop in the loading position can intake, transport and lift dice bulk materials.

The scoop in the dump position can spill the materials in the necessary place or container.

The scoop capacity accounts for 1.15 m3 and its maximum lifting power is 1000 kg provide for saving man-hours by 5 times and work under various conditions regardless of the area size.

You may employ it for the following:

  • transporting bulk cargo (sand, crushed rock, salt etc.);

  • loading the storage module at a great height;

  • agricultural work when disposing fertilizers;

  • garbage disposal;

  • cleaning the area from snow.

The professional work of “AltaiStroymash” specialists provides for the reasonable price and two-year warranty on the scoop to the fork lifter. The engineering office designs scoopers considering special features of the machines. To produce them only high-quality steel with increased wear resistance is applied and the quality control department holds an obligatory testing at the final stage of production.

In order to purchase the scooper for the fork lifter, you may just call or leave an application at the website. We arrange deliveries both in Russia and in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kirgizia or other countries.


Height 850
Depth 1845
Maximum curb weight 1270
Own weight 270
Maximum load 1000
Workload 600
Snow bucket capacity 1,35
Bulk bucket volume 0,85
Own bucket volume 1,15
Width 1405