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AltayBuildMash Equipment Conveyors Screw-type conveyors Screw-type conveyor ⌀ 219mm \ 9000mm

Screw-type conveyor 219mm diameter 10000mm length

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Inlet угол регулируемый ⁰
Outlet 45 ⁰
Pipe diameter 219 mm
Pipe length 9000 mm
Drive power 11 kw
Performance до 40 t/h
Angle of installation of the screw 20-45 ⁰


The spiral feeder is a spiral conveyor 9000 mm long and 219 mm in diameter. It is meant for continuous horizontal or slanting transportation of bulk and powdery substances. It is an essential hermetic component for close production lines at the enterprises of various industries: food, chemical, construction, and agricultural ones.

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