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A mini-line is a smaller type of a stationary line with molds only for 6 standard blocks.

The mixer is loaded manually and moves on the floor on rubber wheels.

Benefits of the mini-line:

  • low price — cheaper than a new iPhone;
  • small area — about 9 m2;
  • only one worker to maintain.

Productivity: no more than 15 m3 daily when working in two shifts.

How does production work?

Маршрутная карта производства газобетонных блоков из неавтоклавного газобетона на линии со стационарными поддонами

The scheme presents the stages of production. Firstly, making the mix

  1. Warmed water of 40-50 ºС is fed to the mixer. A flow counter will do for dosing.
  2. Pour additives and switch on the mixer-activator.
  3. Weigh and pour in the mixer cement and then sand;
  4. In a small container prepare aluminum substance from water, aluminum powder and synthetic cleanser using a drill with a cap. Pour the substance into the mixer-activator.

Mixture rise:

  1. The finished mixture is poured into the greased mold.
  2. The mixture rises and strengthens in 60-120 minutes, while we are pouring the next molds.

Cutting the mass:

  1. Before cutting the mass into blocks, the top crust must be cut. This is the mass which has risen over the mold sides.
  2. Remove the sides and set the pattern for cutting the mass. Cut the blocks of the necessary size.

Strengthening and the cycle end:

  1. Install a heat-insulating cap on the cut mass and in 6-10 hours the blocks will get their ultimate strength.
  2. The blocks are loaded on the transport pallet, wrapped with film and sent to the warehouse.
  3. The empty mold is getting ready for the next batch — it is cleaned, the sides are fixed and greased.

How does the mini-line work?

Learn more about the components for gas concrete in page Necessary raw materials. Read the characteristics of gas concrete which is made on our equipment. The requirements to the area to be seen in page Technology of gas concrete production.

What does the equipment set consist of?





Title Number*

10 m3/daily 15 m3/daily
Mobile mixer-activator (0,25 m3) 1 item 1 item
The cutting pattern with a gang of saws for the mini-line, 6 blocks 1 item 1 item
Mold pallets (1,2×0,6 m, for 6 blocks) 20 items 30 items
Mold rims (sides) (1,2×0,6 m, for 6 blocks) 10 items 15 items
A set of mold drafts 1 item 1 item

*The number of pallets, rims and, correspondingly, the productivity of the line depends on the order.

What to purchase additionally for production?

Some tools essential for work. We do not manufacture or supply these, but you can easily find them in any city.

  1. Water heating-up (electrical, gas, solid fuel) — 10-30 thsd RU.
  2. Electronic scales for additives to 5 kg. 2-5 thsd RU.
  3. Heat-insulating caps — you will make them due to our drafts in one day.
  4. Heat-insulated floors in pallets based on water or cable heating.

We will assist you in choosing the additional equipment, we will share the information about manufacturers and how to choose good technologies.

Firstly make sure if the mini stationary line meets your needs? Order the price and we will send it to you as soon as we receive your application.

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