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Comminuting-disintegrating machine

Disintegrators of fine grinding

A disintegrator is a machine for grinding various bulk materials. They are widely applied in agriculture, chemical or food industry as well as in construction. In the 1940s based on experiments, a famous Soviet scientist I. Khint proved that fine grinding of components improves the durability of construction mixtures. There are a lot of grinding machines. The most widely used are:

Disintegrator features and its working principle

“AltaiStroyMash” company manufactures disintegrators of various capacity for grinding different bulk materials such as cement, lime, clay, plaster, and others. The machine contains two disks with rows of fingers-beaters where the disks are working in a counter-rotating mode. The feedstock goes to the center of the working disk along the loading hopper and after being beaten with the fingers-beaters it is ground and goes into the receiving tank.

As the disks are rotating at a high speed, the operation is noisy and the disintegrator is vibrating. To compensate for the vibration one should install the disintegrator horizontally with the tilt under 2ᵒand place it on four rubber pillows similar to how the car combustion engine is fixed.

Disk disintegrators have a number of benefits:

How to buy a disintegrator?

Call us or write now to buy a disintegrator or learn technical details about the equipment. Our specialists will consult you on choosing the machine according to your production needs. Our company offers beneficial cooperation: leasing or buying by installments without overpay. Buying a disintegrator by installments you can define the amount and terms of payments. Hundreds of our clients have already used such bargains and each of them has possessed the equipment.

Besides, you may send us a material sample to analyze the quality of grinding, mixing and activating in our disintegrator and we will provide you with the results in no time. We are testing the feedstock at the models which are manufactured in our company in accordance with the requirements of the technological process.

Disintegrator price

The combination of reasonable price and reliability of the disintegrator which was proved by tests will provide for solving various technical tasks. We provide a 2 year warranty period for all the equipment, over 7 years of the life cycle and free technical support. Moreover, we arrange delivery into any destination of the world, no matter where you are located: in Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan or any other country.

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