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Attached implements for fork lifters

Attached implements for fork lifters

Today a lot of enterprises are widely using fork lifters as they are easily modernized for various functions and types of work. It can be done due to attached implements which widen the operating functions, saves time and labor costs.

Attached implements for a mini-loader

“AltaiStroyMash” company offers a complex of extensions for the fork loader to perform various operations and you won’t have to buy an excavator, a crane, a bulldozer or other construction machines.

An angled blade is necessary for road and repair works, cleaning the territory from snow or rubbish, cleaning sand, salt, corn and other bulk materials; smoothing the layer of crushed stone, soil or filling a trench or a pit. It can work both outside and inside large industrial areas.

An automatic dumping digger is applied for removing bulk materials. It may modify an ordinary loader and turn it into an excavator. The digger also provides for loading the storage tank at a great height.

A crane unit provides for wider loading functions, it is irreplaceable in heavy industry, at transporting large cargo and at construction objects where boards and rails are to be removed.

A self-discharging container does not require tipping over which makes it much easier to operate. It provides for timely clean up at the construction site or at the production site where large amounts of rubbish are to be disposed of.

Our specialists will choose the attached implements due to the following:

  • features of load handling (a type of cargo and material where it will be placed);

  • technical features of your loader (model, lifting power etc.);

  • features of the cargo to be transported (weight, dimensions, material type, etc.);

  • residual capacity of the machine considering the extensions installed on the forks of the loader.

It will provide for a longer life cycle of the equipment and you will get the compatibility guarantee for your model of the mini-loader.

All the extensions undergo compulsory quality control at every production stage, presales preparation, and shipping which provides for the warranty period of 2 years for all types of equipment.

Besides, you won’t have to worry about delivery as we arrange deliveries not only around the Russian Federation but also other countries: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Belorussia, and Moldavia etc.

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